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Wednesday, May 10th 2017, 8:13pm

By vrsedge

New roulette statistical and analytical App - VRSEDGE App

Hello guys,

i would like to introduce my roulette App which i use everyday for statistical and probability calculations whenever i play LIVE roulette.

It helps me to keep focus on the game, prepare my strategies and systems, test them and apply them LIVE.

I am not going to explain all features of the App now.

I’d like to highlight that in the beginning , when i started to play roulette online, several years i was just struggling and losing money. I realized that i have to change my approach and i have started to use roulette strategies base on statistics.

Yes, many of them failed, but during this time i have collected a lot of, needed, experience. Therefore i don’t believe that any roulette strategy can run just on autopilot and bet automatically in online casino with the long-term profit.

I know now, that i have to use easy to understand but complex rules if i want to successfully compete with online roulette.

And huge help for me is that i can develop my own App, in, which helps me to control my betting, stick to the rules and let my bankroll growth with acceptable small drawdowns. The features which i have developed in App are build base on my 15+ years of experience with roulette :e.g. money management, numbers’ patterns, non-hit, VRS ratio or standard deviation.

Please see several print screens from my VRSEDGE App. If you would like to know more about App, me or my strategies, please visit web: vrsedge DOT com

Have a nice day and good luck playing online roulette

vrsedge has attached the following images:
  • vs14.png
  • vrsedgeScreen13.png